We-Vibe Tango II

If you are new to the world of sex toys, the We-Vibe Tango || probably looks like the most basic, stereotypical toy ever. But, underneath its seemingly simple exterior, instead is a toy that has been unanimously named one of the best and most powerful of its type, and a staple to sex toy users everywhere.
Don’t be fooled by how simple the Tango looks, this is one hell of a toy. Its sleek, lipstick style design allows for it to appear discreet, and with a length of only 90mm long and 20mm wide, it can certainly be kept hidden quite easily in an underwear drawer, or added to makeup or toiletry bags during transport. It comes in two colours, a fuchsia pink, which is what I have, and a Persian blue. If you plan to keep the toy private, then the blue stands out a lot more, however it is great to see that We-Vibe have gone for a more unique colour than the usual sex toy shades. The toy is made with body-safe ABS thermoplastic, and is 100% waterproof.


The Tango is USB rechargeable, which is rather neat if you’re travelling or always have a computer around you, but if it isn’t your thing you can pick up a USB to AC power adaptor pretty easily. To charge, simply connect the charging cord and dock, plug them into whatever laptop or computer you have, and then connect the base of the Tango to its charging dock. They will connect magnetically and the toy will light up to let you know it is charging. When it is done (it can take a little over an hour), the light will turn off, and you’ll be set with around 2 hours worth of play time. A great feature this toy offers that many others like it don’t is that when the battery is low its light will flash, meaning no unexpected stops!

Cupid’s Cupboard service was brilliant, the package was sent on Friday the 26th of February and I received it on Thursday the 3rd of March. Plus they kept the order discreet, with it being delivered in a regular cardboard box, which had no indications of the company it was sent from, or what sort of product it contained. As for the packaging of the Tango itself, it certainly conveys the feeling of a luxury sex toy. It is sleek, well designed, and safe-for-work. It includes a list of the Tango’s best features on the back, an instruction manual, a drawstring storage pouch, a one year warranty card and the charging cord and dock.


Using the toy is pretty simple since there is only one button. Clicking once will turn it on, and then you can cycle through the four different speeds and the four different patterns (tease, wave, pulse and cha-cha). At the end of the cycle the vibrator will turn off, and then with further clicks it will start the cycle again. Alternatively, you can hold down the button to turn off the vibrations. Overall I like this simple system. I don’t care for vibration patterns at all, so it would be preferable to not have to deal with these, since it means I always need to skip past them back to the first vibration level, but the great thing about the Tango is that it remembers the vibration you turned it off on, meaning if speed number 2 is really your thing, you supposedly never have to go through any of the other levels again.

At this point I really need to make you aware of just how powerful this toy is, if you aren’t already. I was well-informed of its strength before I got it, but it still managed to surprise me the first time I turned it on, and even now sometimes. It is absolutely tiny compared to a wand massager such as the Magic Wand, yet it somehow manages to match its first strength. Meanwhile other bullet type vibrators such as the Lelo Mia 2 barely meet the standards it sets. If anything, its strength is almost a curse just as much as a gift. If you are not use to clitoral vibrators, then you’ll likely struggle to use the Tango straight off the bat. I even sometimes hear of more experienced sex toy users failing to use it.

It is the sort of toy that provides pin point stimulation, rather than the broad vibrations wand massagers give off, so if you think you’re good because you can handle your massagers like a pro, then maybe not. One of the biggest factors, aside from its strength, is the fact that it is made from plastic rather than silicone. It is one thing to compare the Magic Wand’s and Tango’s strength, but there is a very different feel between soft squishy silicone and hard merciless plastic! If you aren’t sure, cheaper vibes or even its less intense sister toy, the We-Vibe Touch, may be a better option, but if you have experienced clit vibrators before, and know they are for you, then you need this ASAP.


Something particularly neat about the Tango, is that it can be paired with other, unrelated sex toys to upgrade their vibration levels. It is not uncommon that silicone sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs will be made with holes in them so you can insert bullet vibes, allowing them to be turned into vibrators. Usually, these will include very basic vibrators (pictured above is the Rocks Off bullet vibe, and Tantus bullet vibe), that are ridiculously weak compared to the Tango, and don’t make a huge impact when inserted into their silicone partners. The Tango however, is usually a compatible size, meaning if you have any toys like this (or are planning to get some), you’ll be able to replace the included vibrator with the Tango, hence upgrading your toys!

Finally, on to the part we have all been waiting for, what it is like in use. Firstly, it is super quiet! Maybe not ‘whisper quiet’ as advertised, but easily one of the quietest vibrators I own. I would be fairly confident that on full strength but under covers and behind a closed-door that it would not be heard. As for how it feels, I’m happy to report my clit can not only handle it, but absolutely adores it. Unlike many other vibrators I own, with which I usually just stick with two vibration settings and differ between the two, I find that I enjoy all four of the vibration settings the Tango has to offer. The first speed is a good way to warm up for what’s to come, and the fourth speed is pretty much guaranteed to make me cum within 10 seconds of use. I lean more towards broad stimulation than pin-point, so I use the vibe’s length nestled up on the right side of my clit, rather than putting its tip on directly.

If I had to describe the Tango in one word, it would be relentless. It gives me an experience no other vibrator ever has: unexpected orgasms! Usually I know when I want to / am going to orgasm, but if I’m not careful the Tango has its ways of making me cum super quickly, and super hard. At first this was a little disorienting, but I’ve now embraced it and love it. I feel like I use the Tango when I want intense and rough orgasms, and wand massagers when I want controlled and soft ones, which is the opposite of what it would look like!


Maintenance for the toy is made simple since it is 100% waterproof. Simply give it a good clean with some soap and water or you can also use some toy cleaner. To sanitize you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. We-Vibe warns against using silicone based lubricants with the toy, so stick to water based lubricants or perform a spot-test before attempting to use silicone based types. When it is not in use it can be stored in the included drawstring pouch, however since it doesn’t collect dust or lint you can really keep it wherever you need it (aka your bedside table).

Basically, this toy is perfect. It really has no faults, other than maybe that it is too powerful. If you know you like pin-point stimulation and can handle your vibes, then you are crazy for not already owning this industry staple sex toy! But if you aren’t sure about these things, maybe check first. Even if you are okay with the price tag, you may find you need to get your clitoris use vibrations prior to using this, since it is certainly not a toy for beginners. The We-Vibe Touch is a good place to start with this, and will let you be able to enjoy the Tango in full when you do get it. Either way, this is one hell of a sex toy and rightly named the most powerful clitoral vibrator available.

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